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wheel Trims- wheel covers

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Wheel Trims

Hubcaps have an important job. They are covers that fit over your vehicle's wheels. Sometimes called wheel cover or wheel trim, the hubcap protects the wheels from damage, and is sometimes chosen for decorative purposes. The hubcap is centred over the wheel to prevent rusting, as well as the corrosion of studs and lugs. They can also add to the aerodynamic properties of the vehicle and thus cause a small increase in fuel efficiency.

The most important consideration to make when choosing hubcaps for your vehicle is the size. Determining the right size is a pretty straightforward process. The size is usually best determined not by looking at your existing wheels, but at your existing tyres. On each tyre, you will find a series of numbers and letters. These characters determine the size and type of tyre. Find the number string that begins with the letter "R." It will probably read "R14" or "R16." The number you find following the letter "R" is the hubcap size that you need to purchase since this is the size of the tyres on your vehicle.

You'll find hubcaps made from several different materials, including plastic and aluminium, which are the two most popular materials used. Chrome is another option, although this type of hubcap is more expensive. Keep in mind that ABS plastic wheel covers and hubcaps are often crafted to look like metal, although they're much less expensive and easier to replace if one should get lost.

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