Keyboards & Mouse

Keyboards & Mouse

Without a doubt, keyboard is one of the most important input device available. In computing, keyboard is a typewriter-style device that communicates with the computer in combination with an optical mouse. With modern technology and advanced techniques, varied keyboard designs are ruling the market today. From wired to wireless keyboard, multi-device to living room, and maybe all-in-one touch pad keyboards, customers are spoilt for a choice from popular brands in budget friendly prices. 

Variety is the answer

Whether you are looking to upgrade your computer keyboard or adding the latest to your collection, browse from an assorted range of best brand keyboards online in Kenya . Today, mobile devices with quiet touch screen are preferred while standard keyboards seem inconvenient and annoying. However, with striking attributes like space-saving designs, spill-proof feature, slim body and palm rests for optimal typing comfort, preferences are changing. New keyboards improve typing proficiency and advanced specifications make it easier to use. Choose from an array of reputed electronic brands including Microsoft, logitech , Dell, HP , Phillips, lightwave , Tech-com and many more with just a click. Enjoy entertainment and portability at your fingertips with durable keyboard and mouse combo available for your classic desktop or wireless designs.

Creative engineering

Improve your PC to TV experience with wireless keyboard in stylish, minimalist designs. Control your entertainment and internet browsing on your home theatre, with long-range wireless perfect for the living room. With a compact design, this wireless keyboard is integrated with a multi-touch touchpad and low profile keys that provides for quiet typing. Enjoy your morning cup with the spill-resistant feature on desktop keyboard while its thin profile lets you keep your wrists in a neutral position. Power your game with high-performance gaming USB keyboards with programmable keys that make complex actions simple. Enjoy custom profiles and modes with backlit keys and experience illumination. With setup so simple, the USB keyboard can be plugged on your desktop, laptop without a hassle. Surf for your favourite keyboard online from the diverse selections available on our online shopping storel. Ideal for the game enthusiasts or for serious deadlines, wireless keyboard and mouse combo brings improved comfort. The generous palm rest, contoured right-handed mouse and adjustable keyboard provides you with a richer experience. Shop online and buy keyboard from multiple styles and versions to suit your requirements in discounted prices also you can check ongoing deals this festive season. Keyboard price largely depends on the style connectivity, brand and features as per your needs and usage.

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