MS Office 2016 Professional 64 Bit

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Product Overview

What's new with Office pro plus 2016   All the new Office 2016 applications Office 2016 comes fully loaded with the latest and greatest versions of your favorite applications: Word, Excel, Power Point, One-Note, Publisher, Access and Outlook. All the tools you know and love, only better.  Tools to boost productivity   You don't need to be a power-user to harness the power of Office 2016. The applications are packed with smart tools that make maximizing productivity a breeze.  Made for teamwork    Built-in collaboration tools enable you to co-author, share and edit documents with ease in Word, PowerPoint or One-Note.  Work on the same document simultaneously whether you're in the same room or across the globe.                                            Features: Outlook  Organised email, coordinate schedules and stay up to date with contacts. The new Outlook has push mail support so your inbox is always up-to-date. And improved Conversation View ensures that messages with similar subject lines don't get lumped in with conversations they don't belong to. You'll also find more options in how you incorporate and manage attachments. Word    Create, polish, and share beautiful documents. Now sharing and collaborating with the team is a breeze. The new  Word allows you to co-author and edit documents with multiple people at the same time whether you're in the same room or across the globe. And cloud integration makes sharing documents a cinch. Excel     Analyse and visualise your data in new and intuitive ways. Turn numbers into insights with the new Excel. Pivot Table Slicers help you discover patterns in large volumes of data, and Recommended Charts gives you the best charts  to communicate your data. One-Click Forecasting automatically scans worksheets for data trends and formats them   into charts and tables.  PowerPoint  Create, collaborate, and effectively present your ideas. Co-author presentations with your team-working simultaneously. Make comments on relevant text and images and compare different versions of a presentation with Conflict Resolution View. One-Note   Harness your thoughts in your very own digital notebook. Capture, organise and share your ideas with digital  notebooks that you can access on any device. Find things quickly with a powerful search engine that tracks your tags and much much more.  Publisher    Publisher is the simple path to professional publications that make an impact. Use Publisher to search your online albums on Facebook, Flickr and other services and add pictures directly to the document, without having to save them first. Access Access lets you build a database fast to organize data, accessible anywhere online. Never again get "lost in the data." A standardized app framework makes navigating apps familiar and easy. One-Drive With 5 GB of cloud storage  Office Online .


(No reviews yet) Write a Review