Philips M374 wireless mouse

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Product Overview

PHILIPS is worlds famous A class brand and manufacturer, which produces lot of different goods for humans everyday life. People trust to Philips band more than 100 years. Philips main task is to produce high quality product for customer and provide trustful service after, as it's been done for many years. Since 2019. year Philips starts new product group production with one of best factory in world who already produce this type of products more than 25 years for worlds famous A brands. Philips new product groups: Classic USB cable Keyboards and mousses, Keyboard and Mouse sets, and also GAMING ACCESSORIES starting from entrance level, till professional- Keyboards, Mousses, and professional Game Pads, and also Game controllers

Philips M374 Series:

This is stylish and compact size Wireless Mouse with 3 buttons and 1600dpi.
This series has special surface, which provides anti-sweat features. Thanks to latest Philips manufacturing technologies, each M series mouse has special shape and size, which provides comfortable use and protects hand from fatigue
Philips M series PC mouse are fully universal and can be used for laptop or Desktop PC, also other devices which supports standard 2.4Ghz Wireless technology with USB signal receiver. M series PC mousses will be perfect for use at home or office.

Shop for Philips M374 mouse[wireless] online at the Best price in Kenya,  Philips M374 Mouse wireless Product Type Wireless business mouse Design ,Type Ergonomic design Connectivity 2.4Ghz wireless connection upto  10 Meters 

Technical Parameters:

* 2.4G Wireless Mouse
* DPI: 1600
* Wireless Distance: 10M
* Key Life: 3 Million Times
* Key force: 65±5g
* Rated Voltage/Current: DC 5V ≥15mA
* Power Supply: 1*AA Battery

Warranty Information

Limited manaufacturer warranty


(No reviews yet) Write a Review