Boost efficiency in the home or office with fast and precise laser printers. These printers use toner instead of regular ink, printing pages using powder and heat. Printers come with numerous features that allow you to work more efficiently. Choose a colour laser printer if you want beautiful high-resolution colourful documents. Some printers feature multi-purpose trays, which allow you to print on envelopes and heavier paper types. Look for models with a deep sleep mode that allows you to reduce your energy consumption. Wireless printers offer extra convenience, negate the need for cables, and some allow you to print from smartphones and tablets.

Quality laser printers offer easy-to-read LCD screens that allow you to change settings, monitor print progress and identify error codes. Consider all-in-one printers that allow you to print, scan, copy and fax all from one machine, saving you time and money. Printers come in several different sizes, including small ones ideal for home use and larger ones for your business. If you only use plain text documents, there are monochromatic printers available which are just as fast but smaller in size. A laser printer can print high-quality sharp black text and can handle fine lines and tiny font.

These printers can handle high volumes, with some models capable of printing up to 20,000 pages per month with minimal maintenance. If you want a quiet model, there are many colour laser printers that produce very little noise when in use. These printers can print at high speeds, for efficient production of large volumes. With a USB direct interface, you're able to print directly from your USB drive. Reduce cost per page and save time by choosing a model with double-sided printing. Fill up your printer's tray less frequently with a high-capacity paper tray. Browse quality laser printers for work or home use with features to optimize energy use and productivity.

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